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This is by no means a comprehensive list of Job Titles – since we intend to bring CVs and Resumes closer to those who search for Candidates in a Human Resourcing or Search and Selection capacity – by the most direct route!

Therefore we will be adding to it continuously as we discover new names. We hope to combine some of the newer Job Titles with the classic key names – the idea being to make our CV Database listing intuitive to search and yes this is likely to mean duplicated names and we have tried to stick to the most notable duplications which have significant differences in each field they are listed under.

Let’s face it – some names could equally apply to several Career Types and it will be helpful demonstrate that. For example a “Client Manager” could equally apply to any business which retains clients!

You are strongly recommended to remember this when Uploading Your CV – Resumes to the CV Database. Also worth re-iterating to Resourcing searchers:

  • To get the widest results do not use the Jobs Titles [unless you seek a specific Candidate in the named area].
  • Select Country if this is relevant to your search
  • Many CV PLacer candidates do not necessarily identify their country location
  • Many CV PLacer are “just resting” and may not have live CVs for searching
  • The Personal Details of CV Placers with Private Profiles will only be accessible for REGISTERED CV Searchers
  • Several Principal Job Titles listed below comprise sub headings…
  • Feel free to try a free text CVs Search – it may well be more productive
  • Suggest a missing jobs title

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