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shift patterns

distance: 7,661 Miles

Well-versed in dialog recording, and overdubbing processes, contributing to content and believability of the movie.

Skilled in Foley recording, inventive with an ear for precision,  a reputation for the creative use of a variety of objects to create believable, focused sounds specifically tailored to the visuals on-screen, for example gun shots, creaking doors,  and footsteps on a variety of surfaces, to name a few, responsible for the flow of work, quality and content and overall effect on the finished project.
Have experience of being responsible for the recording, mixing and creation of soundtracks and musical scores for a project.
Including some writing, performing, engineering and editing material (or managing specialists hired to do this work)

as well as recording special effects including sound generation, background noises and ambiance creation

Based currently in Vancouver, but would like to look at projects based in New York. Open to interesting offers, and will obviously provide a show reel of abilities.
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Country CA
State British Columbia
Readiness For New Work open To Interesting Offers
Work Hours shift patterns
Country Canada
State/Province British Columbia
distance: 7,661 Miles
Address Vancouver