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Medway, United Kingdom

distance: 3,552 Miles

My current position involves helping young people who are vulnerable or have complex needs to develop their potential. I look after young people aged 12-17 who have been remanded or sentenced to periods of detention and help to make sure their experience is about giving them a real chance to make a good life for themselves.

It’s a challenging role, and I have to balance maintaining safety while providing support and supervision; between control and care, sanction and treatment, rehabilitation and education. I see my role as being about mentoring, planning, organising and overseeing a young person’s stay. I have an opportunity to frame some of the most vital years of their life, to allow them to have a more fulfilling childhood, and play a crucial part in helping them to prepare for adulthood.

Forging strong relationships with each young person, I create individual plans with personal goals. Facilitating their personal, social and emotional development, I help them to engage in constructive activities and prepare for education, work or training on release.

I care about making a real difference for young people through support and rehabilitation. I recognise that puberty can lead to emotional volatility – and this can be enhanced by complex needs. I am always willing to develop an understanding of those needs, which could be rooted in mental health, violence, substance misuse, gang culture, sexual health or extremism. I have had to become a skilled communicator, so that I can develop positive relationships with young people and work with them to change their behaviour.

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Country GB
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Country United Kingdom
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distance: 3,552 Miles
Address Medway, United Kingdom