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Warehouse Operative - Looking For A Challenging Opportunity in a Warehouse Environment - Arlington - Texas

Male / 18 / United States of America Offline

distance: 6,631 Miles
Responsibilities: Under general supervision, responsible for receiving and recording all items arriving on property in addition to loading, storing and delivery of inventory and non-inventory items. A
Marine scientist CVs CVs & Resumes

Research Marine Scientist - Third Officer, Currently based at National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Male / / United Kingdom Offline

distance: 3,528 Miles
My position at a national research organisation entails delivering integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean, meeting the needs of coastal and deep sea research and tec
Sales CVs CVs & Resumes

Export Sales Executive South East Asia - Mandarin Speaker- 12 years' Manufacturing Industry Specialist | UK Based, Spanish Speaking - Links to Europe and USA | Looking for Similar Contract in Europe or USA

Male / / Indonesia Offline

distance: 7,990 Miles
My role operates on a number of levels, dealing internally with the operational responsibility for the export department and externally with all customer engagement activities. I have a background in

Plumber Apprentice - To obtain a position that will utilize my skills, abilities and experience to contribute to the company's success - Delaware - Ohio

Male / 18 / United States of America Offline

distance: 5,853 Miles
Responsibilities Assist a Master Plumber in repairs and installations of parts and appliances troubleshooting plumbing problems in septic systems mains and residential piping in walls leaks and doing
peractice management

Practice Manager - Driven Professional - Extensive Management Experience - Dublin - Eire

Female / / Ireland Offline

distance: 3,703 Miles
Efficient/Professional running of a very busy Occupational Health Practice Management of 11 Doctors, 2 Nurses and 12 Administration/Accounting staff Human Resources Management including recruitment &a
graphic design

Freelance Graphic Designer - Excellent Multitasking Abilities - Tampa - Florida

Female / / United States of America Offline

distance: 5,758 Miles
Brochures, posters,mailer designs, website interface designs, postcards, branding , logo and stationary designs, presentations and much more are my speciality I am extremely dedicated and detailed wit

Quality Assurance Chemist - Ambitious and driven professional with a strong work ethic - San Antonio - Texas

Male / / United States of America Offline

distance: 6,729 Miles
2 years’ experience in laboratory and analytical techniques A Level Chemistry and Maths. Theoretical knowledge of the main branches of chemistry Degree in either chemistry Familiar with BRC/ISO adva

Utility Worker - Logistics Professional - Over 6 Years Experience - Asheboro - NC

Male / 18 / United States of America Offline

distance: 5,648 Miles
Logistics Professional with over 6 years of transporting goods and services with a background in Janitorial Services, Maintenance and Commercial Warehousing. I possess a profound and broad knowledge

HR & Payroll Service Officer - Close attention to details - Epping - NSW

Female / / Australia Offline

distance: 9,444 Miles
Proficient in account & payroll, responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, end to end payroll function and general bookkeeping support functions in a high volume working environment.
Analyst - Corporate Actions CVs

M&A Banker-Analyst-Lawyer | Global Securities - Asia, North America, Europe China Experience 15 yrs | Tokyo based

Male / / Japan Offline

distance: 8,709 Miles
An ambitious Analyst, who works very closely with senior bankers to assist in all phases of transactions including financial advisory, due diligence, financial modeling, valuations, written presentati

Assistant Retail Inventory Manager - 3 Years Convenience Stores Experience : Wilmington, Delaware : Audit Specialist Working Autonomously : Seeking New Challenges

Female / / United States of America Offline

distance: 5,436 Miles
Routinely traveling daily to retail stores within my designated territory to conduct physical inventories of the stores’ merchandise using a hand held calculator and/or scanner, providing store mana

IT Project Manager - 16 Years Experience i Information Technology and Project Management - Port Richey - Florida

Female / / United States of America Offline

distance: 5,775 Miles
IT MANAGER – 16 Years Experience i Information Technology and Project Management – Tallahassee – Florida

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